[epidemiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in bolivia. 1. description of study zone and prevalence of the disease].an epidemiological survey of tegumentary leishmaniasis (leishmania (viannia) braziliensis) was carried out in three regions of bolivia in the andean foothill and amazonian forest. it was based on the record of lesions and scars on all the inhabitants of selected representative villages. in the yungas, an area cultivated from the xviith century, males and females are equally infested, mostly before they were 10 years old (65%); 48% of scars were on the head. in alto beni and pando, areas covered ...19892629643
cutaneous leishmaniasis in bolivia. a study of 185 human cases from alto beni (la paz department). isolation and isoenzyme characterization of 26 strains of leishmania braziliensis braziliensis [corrected].a clinical, serological, parasitological and therapeutic study of cutaneous leishmaniasis was carried out in a low sub-andean area (250-800 metres) of the la paz department, bolivia. a team of seismic prospectors (350 workers) was surveyed for 12 months. of 200 suspected cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis, 185 were serologically or parasitologically confirmed (incidence 52.8%). those exposed to the greatest risk of infection were working in a virgin forest environment. leishmanial organisms were i ...19873449990
leishmaniasis in bolivia. ii. the involvement of psychodopygus yucumensis and psychodopygus llanosmartinsi in the selvatic transmission cycle of leishmania braziliensis braziliensis in a lowland subandean epidemiological survey of the vectors of cutaneous leishmaniasis ("espúndia" type) was carried out in the alto beni region of bolivia, an area of andean foothills at the eastern limit of the amazonian lowlands. the climate is typical wet tropical (15 degrees s latitude). anthropophilic phlebotomine sandfly species were sampled at 20 sites, all forested. the importance of species from the psychodopygus group, already suspected as a vector in the transmission of leishmania from the braziliensis ...19863574129
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