cutaneous leishmaniasis in bolivia. a study of 185 human cases from alto beni (la paz department). isolation and isoenzyme characterization of 26 strains of leishmania braziliensis braziliensis [corrected].a clinical, serological, parasitological and therapeutic study of cutaneous leishmaniasis was carried out in a low sub-andean area (250-800 metres) of the la paz department, bolivia. a team of seismic prospectors (350 workers) was surveyed for 12 months. of 200 suspected cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis, 185 were serologically or parasitologically confirmed (incidence 52.8%). those exposed to the greatest risk of infection were working in a virgin forest environment. leishmanial organisms were i ...19873449990
a first case of cutaneous leishmaniasis due to leishmania (viannia) lainsoni in bolivia.we present the first known case of cutaneous leishmaniasis due to leishmania (viannia) lainsoni detected in bolivia. the parasite was isolated from a young girl living in the subtropical region of carrasco (900-1000 m above sea level, caranavi province, department of la paz, bolivia). the parasite identification was confirmed by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis.200111579876
first evidence of transmission of leishmania (viannia) lainsoni in a sub andean region of bolivia.using ubiquitous primers which amplify the variable parts of kdna minicircle of all leishmania spp, we obtained for leishmania (viannia) lainsoni a major band of 605 bp (band 1) shared with l. v. braziliensis and a minor 524 bp band (band 2) specific of l. v. lainsoni. the specificity of the two bands was examined through southern blot hybridization of kdna pcr obtained from reference strains belonging to l. braziliensis, l. mexicana, l. donovani complexes with l. v. lainsoni species. band 1 was ...200212204398
pcr-rflp of ribosomal internal transcribed spacers highlights inter and intra-species variation among leishmania strains native to la paz, bolivia.human leishmaniasis is highly endemic in bolivia and shows a growing incidence. this report reveals the genetic variability of 35 isolates mainly belonging to leishmania braziliensis and leishmania amazonensis species. among them, 31 were from human patients with different clinical presentations, 3 strains from lutzomya nuneztovari anglesi (the proven vector of l. amazonensis) and 1 strain of a mammal (conepatus chinga). the isolates were analyzed by isoenzyme electrophoresis (mlee) and pcr-rflp ...201021138774
leishmaniasis in the major endemic region of plurinational state of bolivia: species identification, phylogeography and drug susceptibility implications.the plurinational state of bolivia is one of the latin american countries with the highest prevalence of leishmaniasis, highlighting the lowlands of the department of la paz where about 50% of the total cases were reported. the control of the disease can be seriously compromised by the intrinsic variability of the circulating species that may limit the efficacy of treatment while favoring the emergence of resistance. fifty-five isolates of leishmania from cutaneous and mucocutaneous lesions from ...201728751163
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