ecology of phlebotomine sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) in a focus of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis in northeastern colombia.the phlebotomine sand fly fauna of two coffee plantations in a leishmania-endemic area of norte de santander, colombia was studied. regular insect collections using a variety of methods were made for three and a half years. information was obtained on diurnal resting sites, host range and seasonal abundance for 17 species, of which five (lutzomyia spinicrassa, lu. serrana, lu. shannoni, lu. ovallesi and lu. gomezi) were far more numerous than the others, anthropophilic and present throughout the ...19921343648
phlebotomine sandflies associated with a focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis in valle del cauca, colombia.a survey was made of the phlebotomine sandfly fauna of la guaira, a village with coffee plantations near cali, colombia, from which cases of american cutaneous leishmaniasis had been reported due to leishmania (viannia) panamensis and le. (v.) braziliensis. among six species of sandfly collected on human bait, lutzomyia youngi was most important in terms of biting nuisance. lu.columbiana, lu.lichyi and lu.scorzai as well as lu.youngi adults occurred throughout the year. sandfly man-biting activi ...19957548944
molecular identification of vectors of leishmania in colombia: mitochondrial introgression in the lutzomyia townsendi series.the identity of the sandfly vectors of leishmania braziliensis in valle del cauca department, colombia, was originally given as lutzomyia townsendi, but then changed to l. youngi, another member of the l. townsendi series (verrucarum group) with isomorphic females. to identify members of this series in valle del cauca, we analyzed the nuclear gene elongation factor-alpha (ef-alpha) and the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b (cyt b). dna sequences from the l. verrucarum series (l. columbiana, l. eva ...200212443799
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