development of colombian isolates of leishmania (viannia) panamensis, le. (v.) guyanensis and le. (v.) braziliensis in the sandfly lutzomyia intermedia (lutz & neiva, 1912) under experimental conditions.the development of colombian leishmania species of the subgenus viannia in lutzomyia intermedia was similar to that observed with brazilian le. (v.) braziliensis: colonization of the pylorus by paramastigotes; promastigotes in the midgut and massive infection of stomodeal valve. difference was observed in the number of paramastigotes colonizing the pylorus, which was smaller in colombian leishmania species than brazilian le. braziliensis.19938139462
impact of habitat degradation on phlebotominae (diptera: psychodidae) of tropical dry forests in northern colombia.we examined changes in the phlebotomine fauna resulting from human intervention in a tropical dry forest of northern colombia where visceral and cutaneous leishmaniases are endemic. a natural forest reserve (colosó) and a highly degraded area (san andrés de sotavento [sas]) were sampled monthly for 8 mo using shannon traps, sticky traps, and resting-site collections. overall abundances were higher in colosó (15,988) than in sas (2,324). and species richness of phlebotomines was greater in the fo ...200212061439
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