antigenic relationship of turkey coronavirus isolates from different geographic locations in the united states.the purpose of the present study was to examine the antigenicity of turkey coronavirus (tcv) isolates from various geographic areas with antibodies to different viruses. seventeen isolates of tcv were recovered from intestinal samples submitted to animal disease diagnostic laboratory, purdue university, from turkey farms located in different geographic areas. the prototype tcv minnesota isolate (tcv-atcc) was obtained from the american type culture collection. intestinal sections were prepared f ...200212061660
identification and molecular characterization of porcine kobuvirus in u. s. swine.porcine kobuvirus has been associated with piglet diarrhea in asia and europe, but there are no reports of its presence in the u.s. swine farms. we screened intestinal contents from 114 diarrheic pigs and fecal samples from 46 apparently healthy pigs to determine the presence of kobuvirus by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction using 3d (rna polymerase) region primers (amplicon size 216 bp). the samples from ill pigs came from 15 different u.s. states, while those from healthy pigs we ...201323334473
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