characterisation of a recent virulent transmissible gastroenteritis virus from britain with a deleted orf 3a.analyses of transmissible gastroenteritis virus (tgev) and porcine respiratory coronavirus (prcv) isolates have suggested that tropism and pathogenicity are influenced by the spike protein and orf 3. in general, enteric viruses (tgev) have been shown to contain intact spike and orf 3 genes, whilst respiratory isolates (prcv) have major deletions within both regions. virulence has been correlated to a functional orf 3. here, sequence analysis of a recent isolate of virulent tgev, revealed a varia ...199910365166
sequence analysis of divergent canine coronavirus strains present in a uk dog population.forty faecal samples were tested by rt-pcr using coronavirus consensus primers to determine faecal shedding of canine coronavirus (ccov) and canine respiratory coronavirus (crcov) in a dog population housed at a rescue centre. seven samples were positive for ccov while all samples were negative for crcov. sequence analysis of five ccov strains showed a high similarity with transmissible gastroenteritis virus (tgev) at the n-terminus of the spike protein. all strains contained an open reading fra ...200919162099
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