dental health status in latin-american preschool children in malmö.seventy-three 3-6-year-old preschool children from latin-american countries living in malmö were examined in order to evaluate their oral health status. the children had on average 3.5 dmf teeth and 4.9 dmf surfaces. forty-one per cent were caries-free. oral hygiene was satisfactory in 25% of the children. regarding dietary habits, 41% of the children had more than two unsuitable intakes per day. night-time use of a nursing bottle with sugar-containing beverage was reported for 30%. the mean dmf ...19892756467
effect of partial substitution of invert sugar for sucrose in combination with duraphat treatment on caries development in preschool children: the malmö study.the aim was to study the effect of substitution of invert sugar for sucrose, in combination with fluoride varnish (duraphat) treatment twice a year, on caries development in preschool children. one hundred and eighty-seven 4-years-olds were divided randomly into four sugar groups: (1) sucrose (s), (2) sucrose-duraphat (sd), (3) invert sugar (i), and (4) invert sugar-duraphat (id). all families were asked to buy beverages, biscuits, breakfast cereals, marmalade, ice cream, jam, ketchup, sweets an ...19911913770
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