[hydatidosis/echinococcosis in general acha, la pampa province, argentina].hydatidosis situation in the general acha area (la pampa province) is described herein. the work comprises a retrospective compilacion of new hydatidosis human cases, the findings in seroepidemiological surveys with enzyme immuno assay (eia) for hydatidosis in human population, and investigation on dog echinococcus granulosus infection prevalence carried out on the basis of arecoline bromhydrate application. sixteen human cases were detected during 1994 (incidence rate: 26.7/100,000), founding a ...19969302783
hydatidosis in the province of la pampa, argentina, 1998.echinococcus granulosus is the agent that causes the classical hydatidosis or cystic echinococcosis. the most spread cycle in south america is the sheep-dog cycle, and offers favorable conditions for the development of the parasite. as the province of la pampa shows an endemic presence with notification of cases and infected dogs, the present work has the aim of contributing to the study of the distribution and prevalence of the disease in the district of maracó, la pampa, argentina. dogs of 36 ...199910883500
diagnosis of cystic echinococcosis on sheep farms in the south of argentina: areas with a control 2000 guarnera et al. proposed using elisa in canine faeces collected from the ground to detect dogs infected with echinococcus granulosus, thus determining sheep farms with active transmission. the objective was to evaluate the prevalence of e. granulosus infection in sheep farms of the patagonia. sheep farms were randomly selected in the provinces of río negro, chubut, neuquén, santa cruz and tierra del fuego (areas with control programs) and la pampa (comparison area). from one to three sam ...200415725535
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