cystic echinococcosis in italy from the 1950s to italy the epidemiological pattern of cistic echinococcosis (ce) is incomplete and the information for most regions is out of date, contradictory, and almost exclusively limited to the intermediate hosts. the disease is found most frequently in particular social and economic conditions: widespread use of extensive or semi-extensive sheep farming, illegal slaughtering, and high numbers of sheepdogs and other types of dogs. the highest incidence in sheep is found in sardinia (70.6-92.8%), sicily ...200416044697
occurrence of the g3 indian buffalo strain of echinococcus granulosus in cattle.during a survey carried out to define the occurrence of echinococcus granulosus in cattle bred in the province of rieti (central italy), molecular diagnostics (pcr amplification and sequencing of a partial region of the mitochondrial co1 gene) showed that 6/10 positive bovines harboured hydatid cysts (no.=16) genetically identical (95.8-100%) to the indian buffalo genotype g3. as far the location of the 16 cysts, 11 of them were found in the lungs of three animals, whereas 5 cysts were in the li ...200718689229
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