[human echinococcosis in switzerland, 1984-1992].in a retrospective study (1984-1992), new cases of human echinococcosis were registered in switzerland based on information obtained from (a) questionnaires sent to 294 of the 300 acute hospitals in all parts of the country and to 17 institutes of pathology (268 answers form hospitals: 91%), and (b) from tracing back cases reported under the official notification system since 1 january 1988 by laboratories to the federal health office or recorded at the institute of parasitology in zurich. cases ...19957481657
[imported coenurosis in sheep].thirteen sheep from a milk producing farm in the canton of grisons that presented chronic coenurosis were examined and subjected to treatment trials at the veterinary hospital in zurich. symptoms were first observed around two months after the import of two dogs from italy (abruzza) of which one was infected with taenia multiceps and echinococcus granulosus. the most frequently observed clinical symptoms of the sheep were reduced general condition, circling, reduced menace reflex, apathy, unstea ...200617024978
[epidemiological aspects of toxocariasis in switzerland].in the regions of basel, jura and zürich (switzerland) 765 blood donors completed a questionnaire with respect to symptoms, animal contacts and occupation, and their sera were tested for antibodies to tissue helminths in elisa. 5.1%, 3.3% and 6.5% exhibited antibodies solely to the respective antigens of toxocara canis, fasciola hepatica, and echinococcus granulosus. combined seroreactions were mainly observed between f. hepatica and e. granulosus antigens. reactivity to t. canis antigen was ass ...19863764384
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