epidemiology of hydatidosis/echinococcosis in ouarzazate, the pre-saharian region of the ouarzazate province of southern morocco, 1085 cattle and 358 sheep were examined for hydatid cysts. the prevalence was 44.6% (range 8.3-83.4%) in cattle and 5.3% (range 1.3-28.6%) in sheep. the prevalence increased with the age of the animals. the lung was the predominant site of infection, followed by the liver. in cattle, 14.2% of hydatid cysts were fertile and 16.4% had degenerative changes. the mean loss per head of cattle slaughtered was about 1 kg of liver and 900 g of lungs in the ...19883257076
modelling the transmission of echinococcus granulosus in dogs in the northwest and in the southwest of morocco.echinococcus granulosus (e. granulosus) infection was studied in 151 dogs in two regions of morocco: 68 dogs in the northwest (loukkos) and 83 dogs in the southwest (tiznit). the mean prevalence rates of echinococcosis in dogs were 58.82% (46.23-70.63%) in loukkos and 55.42% (44.10-66.34%) in tiznit and the mean abundances of e. granulosus per dog were 75 (59-93) and 547 (504-595), respectively. the mean abundance of e. granulosus in dogs was fitted to a negative binomial distribution by the max ...200717289266
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