the control of hydatid disease and ovine cysticercoses in the australian capital territory and southern new south wales.a survey of human hydatid disease in new south wales and the australian capital territory over the period 1968 to 1973 was made from hospital records in sydney and canberra. the 162 new cases found represent an incidence, of 0-57 per 100,000 per annum, but the 20 patients living in the central west statistical division of new south wales at the time of admission to hospital represent an incidence of 12-6 per 100,000 per annum in that area. a survey of a.c.t. farms revealed dogs carrying the caus ...1977875855
the role of foxes vulpes vulpes in the epidemiology of echinococcus granulosus in urban survey the prevalence of intestinal worms, particularly echinococcus granulosus, in foxes in canberra.19921454000
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