frequency of echinococcus granulosus (batsch) in 100 dogs used in experimental surgical procedures in melbourne. 19695782099
the prevalence of dirofilaria immitis and other parasites in urban pound dogs in north-eastern victoria.the results of a survey investigating the prevalence of dirofilaria immitis and other helminth and protozoan infections in urban dogs in north-eastern victoria are presented. d. immitis was detected in 2.7% of the general population (8.3% of dogs older than 2 years). microfilariae of d. immitis were not detected in the peripheral circulation of 30% of dogs infected with the adult parasites. the most prevalent gastro-intestinal parasites were dipylidium caninum 57%; trichuris vulpis 41%; toxocara ...19827115227
transmission of hydatid disease to sheep from wild dogs in victoria, tapeworms and metacestodes of echinococcus granulosus were found commonly in wildlife on crown land (alpine national park or state forest) in the area around mansfield, victoria. a total of 756 sheep from 32 farms in the areas were examined at slaughter. seventeen of the farms (group a) adjoined crown land and wild dogs commonly entered these farms and killed sheep. a high prevalence of hydatid infection was found in sheep from 15 of these farms. serology and arecoline purging failed to id ...19969024871
detection of echinococcus granulosus coproantigens in faeces from naturally infected rural domestic dogs in south eastern investigate the occurrence of echinococcus granulosus in rural domestic dogs in farming areas around yass, new south wales, and mansfield and whitfield, victoria.200616498828
a sylvatic cycle for the hydatid tapeworm (echinococcus granulosus) in remote areas of eastern victoria. 19724649715
parasites and associated pathology of the swamp wallaby, wallabia bicolor (marsupialia).thirty-five swamp wallabies from victoria, new south wales and queensland, australia were examined for parasites. thirty-nine species of nematodes, five species of cestodes and eight species of arthropods were found. wallabies from queensland and northern new south wales had a less diverse helminth fauna (23 species) than did wallabies from southern new south wales and victoria (32 species). rugopharynx spp. and cloacina spp. occurred in large numbers in the stomach but provoked no pathological ...19854078972
hyperendemic focus of echinococcosis in north-eastern establish the prevalence of echinococcosis in feral canids in a region in the north-east of victoria (tallangatta) and assess its potential public health significance in this region.19948170426
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