combining data from morphological traits and genetic markers to determine transmission cycles in the tape worm, echinococcus granulosus.species of echinococcus (cestoda: taeniidae) require 2 mammalian hosts to complete their life-cycle; a carnivorous definitive host, and a herbivorous or omnivorous intermediate host. for most species of echinococcus, the definitive host range is restricted to 1 or a few species, but the intermediate host range is very broad. programmes to control hydatid disease attempt to break the life-cycle of the parasite and their effectiveness is therefore enhanced by an understanding of local patterns of ...19989778641
ovine cysticercosis in the albany region of western australia. 1. survey of tapeworms of rural dogs.a survey of the cestode infections of 304 dogs from 134 properties in the albany area of western australia was performed. purgation was induced by oral administration of arecoline and the purge examined for cestodes. the cestodes found and their infection rates were: dipylidium caninum 16.4%; taenia spp 36.5%; t. ovis 8.9%; t. hydatigena 15.1%; t. pisiformis 15.1%; t. serialis 2.3%; echinococcus granulosus 0.7%; questionnaires completed on 133 of the 134 properties at the time the dogs were purg ...1976985232
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