human cystic echinococcosis in nomads of south-west islamic republic of iran.we investigated the prevalence of human ce among nomadic communities in 4 areas of khuzestan province: behbahan, shoush, masjed soleiman and izeh. blood samples from 3446 individuals from 700 randomly selected families were examined for detection of antibody against echinococcus granuiosus. family members were interviewed to assess possible risk factors for infection such as age, sex, dog ownership. the prevalence of ce was 13.8%: 1.9% in behbahan, 12.4% in shoush, 17.3% in masjed soleiman and 1 ...200717546904
molecular characterization of livestock and human isolates of echinococcus granulosus from south-west iran.hydatidosis is an important public health problem in several parts of iran. the aim of this molecular study is to investigate echinococcus granulosus genotypes as the causative agents of hydatidosis in the south-west of iran (khuzestan province). in this study, isolates of 334 hydatid cysts were collected from the liver and lungs of 141 sheep, 104 cattle, 84 goats and 5 human cases. dna was extracted and examined by nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr) of ribosomal dna (rdna) internal transcri ...201322691442
a retrospective study of abattoir condemnation due to parasitic infections: economic importance in ahwaz, southwestern iran.a 5-yr retrospective study in livestock slaughtered in abattoirs was carried out in khuzestan province (southwestern iran) to determine the prevalence of parasitic infections responsible for condemnation of slaughtered animals' carcasses and viscera. the economic importance of such infections in terms of lost meat and offal were also estimated. between 20 march 2006 and 19 march 2011, 125,593 cattle, 1,191,871 sheep, 240,221 goats, and 25,010 buffalos were slaughtered in the study area; the live ...201222568697
The prevalence and fertility of hydatid cysts in buffaloes from Iran.Cystic echinococcosis caused by Echinococcus granulosus is considered to be an important parasitic infection in livestock. In the present study, which aimed to determine the epidemiology of hydatidosis in buffalo in Iran, slaughterhouses of West Azerbaijan (Urmia), East Azerbaijan (Tabriz), Ardabil (Ardabil), Gilan (Rasht and Hashtpar) and Khuzestan (Ahvaz) were inspected. Age, sex and infected organs were recorded separately, and the observed cysts were examined for fertility and viability. Our ...201121923975
hydatid disease of the spleen (report of 2 cases).hydatid disease is endemic in middle east as well as other parts of the world including new zealand and australia [altinors n, senveli e, donmez t, bavbek m, kars z, sanli m. management of problematic intracranial hydatid cyst. infection 1995;23:283-7]. passing eggs from definite hosts--dogs and some wild carnivores--are ingested by intermediate hosts--humans and herbivores [begg i, the radiology of hydatid disease. am j roentgenol 1985;145;639-48]. larva penetrate the intestinal mucosa and reac ...200717161324
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