visceral leishmaniasis in a dog from maryland.visceral leishmaniasis is a zoonotic disease that can be transmitted from dogs to humans by a sand-fly vector. endemic cases of visceral leishmaniasis among dogs in oklahoma, texas, and ohio have been reported. recent reports of visceral leishmaniasis in foxhounds in the eastern coastal states has raised new concerns about the importance of this disease in the united states.200011110461
antileishmanial and cytotoxic activity of some highly oxidized abietane diterpenoids from the bald cypress, taxodium distichum.two new compounds, namely, a para-benzoquinone ring-containing abietane (1) and a para-benzoquinone ring-containing 7,8-seco-abietane (2), and 14 other known highly oxidized abietane diterpenoids (3-16) were isolated from an extract prepared from the cones of taxodium distichum, collected in central ohio. the active subfraction from which all compounds isolated in this study were purified was tested in vivo using leishmania donovani-infected mice and was found to dose-dependently reduce the para ...201626905523
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