the utility of exoantigens for detection of leishmania infections.exoantigens released by leishmania promastigotes were the subject of a workshop held in mombasa, kenya. investigators from the walter reed army institute of research (silver spring, maryland) met with scientists from government and academic institutes and industry to review the current global status of leishmaniasis and to explore the potential role of exoantigens in the detection of leishmania in the vertebrate host and arthropod vector. some encouraging data, particularly in the immunodiagnosi ...200717521094
visceral leishmaniasis in a dog from maryland.visceral leishmaniasis is a zoonotic disease that can be transmitted from dogs to humans by a sand-fly vector. endemic cases of visceral leishmaniasis among dogs in oklahoma, texas, and ohio have been reported. recent reports of visceral leishmaniasis in foxhounds in the eastern coastal states has raised new concerns about the importance of this disease in the united states.200011110461
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