epidemiological and immunological aspects of human visceral leishmaniasis on margarita island, venezuela.sixty-five patients were diagnosed with visceral leishmaniasis (vl) on margarita island in the decade from 1990 to1999; 86.2% were <= 3 years old. all were leishmanin-negative at diagnosis. evaluation of 23 cured patients in 1999 revealed that 22/23 had converted to leishmanin-positive; five had persisting antibodies to rk39 antigen, with no clinical evidence of disease. leishmanin tests were positive in 20.2% of 1,643 healthy individuals from 417 households in endemic areas. of the positive rea ...200312563469
canine visceral leishmaniasis on margarita island (nueva esparta, venezuela).the frequency of american visceral leishmaniasis affecting humans on margarita island, venezuela, has increased in recent years, and infected dogs appear to constitute the principal source of infection. elisa tests with leishmania donovani promastigotes and rk39 antigen from l. chagasi in serum from 541 dogs were positive in 33.1% and 21.6% of the samples, respectively. a second blood sample taken from 50 animals after 8-10 months revealed an increase from 24% to 40% of elisa positivity to both ...200011132371
isolation of leishmania infantum, zymodeme mon-1 from canine and human visceral leishmaniasis on margarita island, increase in the incidence of human visceral leishmaniasis (hvl) has been detected in recent years on margarita island, located off the ne coast of venezuela. recent studies have revealed reactivity to rk39 antigen (leishmania chagasi) in 20% of 541 sera from domestic dogs in endemic communities; pcr reactions were positive using primers for the l. donovani complex. here we report that isolates from human and canine infection, identified by isoenzyme analysis, correspond to l. infantum, zymode ...200111685252
the direct agglutination test as an alternative method for the diagnosis of canine and human visceral leishmaniasis.visceral leishmaniasis is the most severe clinical form of leishmaniasis and is often fatal without proper treatment. therefore, early and accurate diagnosis is important, but often difficult in endemic areas.200718320110
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