leishmaniasis in brazil. xxii: characterization of leishmania from man, dogs and the sandfly lutzomyia longipalpis (lutz & neiva, 1912) isolated during an outbreak of visceral leishmaniasis in santarém, pará state.during epidemiological studies on an outbreak of visceral leishmaniasis in santarém, pará state, north brazil, isolates of leishmania from two children, three dogs and six naturally infected specimens of the sandfly lutzomyia longipalpis were compared, biochemically, by starch-gel enzyme electrophoresis. they have proved to be indistinguishable from each other, and from a reference strain of leishmania chagasi cunha & chagas, 1937 from a case of human visceral leishmaniasis from bahia state, nor ...19863726975
identification and distribution of new world leishmania species characterized by serodeme analysis using monoclonal antibodies.five hundred thirty stocks of leishmania isolated from human and domestic and wild reservoir hosts, representing a wide geographic distribution of endemic foci of american cutaneous (acl) and visceral leishmaniases (avl) were characterized and identified at species and/or subspecies levels based on their reactivity to a cross-panel of specific monoclonal antibodies using a radioimmune binding assay. this study confirms and extends our preliminary results on the high specificity of some of these ...19873826486
leishmaniasis in brazil: xviii. further evidence incriminating the fox cerdocyon thous (l) as a reservoir of amazonian visceral leishmaniasis.major endemic areas of visceral leishmaniasis in brazil are located in the drier, poorly forested regions, principally in the northeastern states such as ceará and bahia. cases of the human disease in the amazon region are rare, very sporadic, and seldom present opportunities for epidemiological study. following the report of a fatal case near salvaterra, the island of marajó, pará state, a preliminary investigation has resulted in the isolation of a parasite regarded as leishmania donovani chag ...19827164150
leishmaniasis in brazil. xix: visceral leishmaniasis in the amazon region, and the presence of lutzomyia longipalpis on the island of marajó, pará state.sporadic cases of visceral leishmaniasis in amazonian brazil appear limited to pará state, in the lower amazon valley and principally near the atlantic coast. the fox cerdocyon thous (l.) has been incriminated as a natural host of the causative parasite, leishmania donovani chagasi, but past doubts have existed over the identification of the most likely vector as lutzomyia (lutzomyia) longipalpis (lutz & neiva, 1912). investigations on two of five recent cases of visceral leishmaniasis of man in ...19836623589
leishmaniasis in brazil. iv. the fox, cerdocyon thous (l) as a reservoir of leishmania donovani in para state, brazil. 19695368005
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