prognostic factors for death from visceral leishmaniasis in teresina, brazil.a possible strategy to reduce fatality rates of visceral leishmaniasis is to identify prognostic factors that can be easily assessed and used as an aid to clinical decision-making.200312789476
human immunodeficiency virus/leishmania infantum in the first foci of urban american visceral leishmaniasis: clinical presentation from 1994 to 2010.human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) coinfection with leishmania infantum or leishmania donovani, the agents of visceral leishmaniasis (or kala-azar), has become a fatal public health problem in the tropics where kala-azar is endemic.201323666663
[visceral leishmaniasis epidemic in the state of piauí, brazil, 1980-1986].the kala-azar epidemic in the state of piauí 1980-1986 is analyzed on the basis of the data collected by sucam piauí. the outbreak began in towns of central and northern piauí in 1980. in contrast what has happened in endemic periods in which the disease occurred in areas of higher altitude and semi-arid climate, the epidemic developed in humid tropical river valleys in rural zones. the epidemic was worst in the towns. the state capital, teresina, hit in 1981, reached the epidemic peak in 1984 a ...19902101528
identification and distribution of new world leishmania species characterized by serodeme analysis using monoclonal antibodies.five hundred thirty stocks of leishmania isolated from human and domestic and wild reservoir hosts, representing a wide geographic distribution of endemic foci of american cutaneous (acl) and visceral leishmaniases (avl) were characterized and identified at species and/or subspecies levels based on their reactivity to a cross-panel of specific monoclonal antibodies using a radioimmune binding assay. this study confirms and extends our preliminary results on the high specificity of some of these ...19873826486
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