[leishmania infantum mon-24 cutaneous leishmaniasis observed in grassa (alpes-maritimes) in a tunisian child]. 19892624379
leishmanin reaction in the human population of a highly endemic focus of canine leishmaniasis in alpes-maritimes, france.the reactivity of the human population was studied in the village of l'abadie, a suburban focus of canine leishmaniasis (17% of dogs seropositive in 1985); 237 subjects were tested in 1989. the total positive rate was 30%. a higher proportion of positive skin tests was obtained in the 61-70 years age group (62%) than in the younger groups. the proportion of positive tests also increased with the duration of living in this locality (22% for less than 5 years; 66% for more than 21 years). these da ...19921412644
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