[evaluation of prevalent status of kala-azar in endemic area of hubei province].to identify the diagnosis of 14 cases with "kala-azar" previously reported in hubei province since 1989 and to evaluate the present status of the disease.200012567700
a survey of phlebotomine sandflies (diptera: psychodidae) in hubei province, china.from june to august, 1987 a survey of phlebotomine sandflies was carried out by means of aspirator and light-sticky traps in nine counties viz., yunxi, wudangshan, snennongjia, zigui, yichang, lichuan, laifeng, hongan and yangxin, hubei province. a total of nine species had been identified: phlebotomus chinensis, p. kiangsuensis, p. mongolensis, sergentomyia anhuiensis, s. koloshanensis, s. nankingensis, s. squamirostris, s. zhengjiani and s. barraudi. their distribution was summarized in a map.19911841231
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