a new focus of visceral leishmaniasis in sub-himalayan (kumaon) region of northern india.a localised focus of visceral leishmaniasis is reported for the first time from kumaon region of north india. during a period of 18 months from july 1997 to december 1998 several cases of pyrexia of unknown origin with unresponsiveness to antibiotics and anti-tubercular treatments were referred to the all india institute of medical sciences, new delhi. five of these were diagnosed to have visceral leishmaniasis. one of these was also co-infected with hiv-1. all the five cases came from an adjoin ...199910810593
kala-azar at high altitude.kala-azar or visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is a disease of low altitude (approximately 500 meters mean sea level). in india, however cases have been reported from sub-himalayan region (350-960 meters msl) of kumaon region of uttaranchal. we present two patients of vl, natives of tribal district of kinnnaur (2000-3000 meters msl), himachal pradesh, who had never visited known endemic area for leishmaniasis. these are probably first indigenous cases of vl being reported from an area situated at an a ...200416295673
antiprotozoal activities of traditional medicinal plants from the garhwal region of north west himalaya, a search for new plant-derived biologically active compounds against protozoan parasites, an ethnopharmacological study was carried out to evaluate extracts from selected 17 traditional medicinal plants which were used by healers from the garhwal region of north west himalaya for the treatment of protozoal infections and fever including malaria.201121527328
sodium stibogluconate-sensitive visceral leishmaniasis in the non-endemic hilly region of uttarakhand, india.although visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is endemic in various parts of india, mainly bihar, west bengal and orissa, and neighbouring countries such as nepal and bangladesh, it is rarely reported from the hilly areas of india. we report on nine male vl cases from the non-endemic garhwal region of uttarakhand who were treated successfully with sodium stibogluconate. we conclude that sodium stibogluconate-sensitive vl is emerging in this region and that urgent and effective vector control measures may ...200717382981
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