a new focus of visceral leishmaniasis in sub-himalayan (kumaon) region of northern india.a localised focus of visceral leishmaniasis is reported for the first time from kumaon region of north india. during a period of 18 months from july 1997 to december 1998 several cases of pyrexia of unknown origin with unresponsiveness to antibiotics and anti-tubercular treatments were referred to the all india institute of medical sciences, new delhi. five of these were diagnosed to have visceral leishmaniasis. one of these was also co-infected with hiv-1. all the five cases came from an adjoin ...199910810593
kala-azar in uttar pradesh--a study of 66 patients.sixty-six laboratory confirmed cases of kala-azar from uttar pradesh attending various hospitals of delhi over a period of 10 years (1989-1999) have been analysed. the geographical distribution showed that the disease involved widespread areas varying from a height of 10,000 ft. extending up-to the plains. male, female ratio was 2:1 and maximum patients were in the age group of 5-15 years. l.d. bodies could be demonstrated in 59 patients in bone marrow aspirate smears while in 7 in splenic aspir ...200212718341
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