kala-azar: an endemic focus in bombay.1. a series of 16 cases of kala-azar encountered at the acworth leper home during a period of 14 months is described. 2. positive proof is adduced to show that the whole outbreak is of indigenous origin. this consists of (a) the long uninterrupted duration (more than 3 years) of some of these patients' stay in bombay (b) demonstration of the presence of sand-flies in the vicinity (c) demonstration of the presence of infected sand-flies. 3. the danger of the spread of infection from the endemic f ...194918268800
outbreak of kala-azar in bombay.a chance diagnosis of kala-azar in a patient referred from acworth leprosy home in bombay was followed up, resulting in an investigation of a total of 25 patients (inpatients and residents) for the presence of the disease. 30.3% of the patients investigated were found to be suffering from the disease. this confirms the earlier suspicion that bombay and especially the acworth leprosy home is an endemic area for kala-azar.199510740690
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