cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by leishmania tropica in bikaner, india: parasite identification and characterization using molecular and immunologic tools.identification of new foci of cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl), along with reports of leishmania donovani causing the disease, is an issue of concern. clinico-epidemiologic analysis of 98 cases in the endemic regions of rajasthan state, india, suggested the preponderance of infection in men (62.24%) compared with women (37.75%). species characterization by internal transcribed spacer 1 (its1) polymerase chain reaction (pcr)-restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp), kdna-pcr, and immunofluores ...200717488912
localized cutaneous leishmaniasis due to leishmania donovani and leishmania tropica: preliminary findings of the study of 161 new cases from a new endemic focus in himachal pradesh, india.localized cutaneous leishmaniasis (lcl) in india is due mostly to leishmania tropica. it is mainly endemic in the deserts of rajasthan. recently, himachal pradesh has been identified as a new endemic focus for the disease. in the last few years, the number of new cases has been increasing almost to epidemic proportions. this report presents the preliminary findings of clinico-epidemiologic and investigative results of 161 new localized cases of lcl seen between may 2001 and december 2003. the st ...200515964970
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