a taxonomic reassessment of the phlebotomus argentipes species complex (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae).the taxonomic status of the sand fly phlebotomus (euphlebotomus) argentipes annandale & brunette 1908, which transmits leishmania (leishmania) donovani (laveran & mesnil 1903) in southern asia, is reassessed, because variation in morphology, behavior, and distribution suggests it to be a complex of sibling species. the putative complex is composed of the nominotypical member phlebotomus argentipes sensu stricto, phlebotomus annandalei sinton 1923 status revived and phlebotomus glaucus mitra & ro ...201020180302
pursuit of medical knowledge: charles donovan (1863-1951) on kala-azar in india.kala-azar was a lethal disease in colonial india. charles donovan of the indian medical service (ims) in madras discovered the parasite independently in 1903 while william boog leishman was carrying out his research in great britain. donovan's discovery ended the confusion prevalent over the anomalous and puzzling cases of malarial fevers in india and proved they were not related to malaria. this added to the promotion of medical knowledge, initiated further research and created enthusiasm among ...200818463075
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