visceral leishmaniasis: adult population of abbottabad at risk now.leishmaniasis is a disease complex caused by the parasite of genus leishmania. visceral leishmaniasis is caused by leishmania donovani transmitted to human by sand fly. some wild animals and human reservoir is the major reservoir in most of the cases. the disease is prevalent in different parts of the world including india, nepal, bangladesh, sudan and brazil. it has also been reported from northern half of pakistan. in hazara division, it has been reported from galiat, battagram, kaladhaka, koh ...201021702307
clinical presentation and management of visceral leishmaniasis.febrile illnesses like malaria, typhoid, and tuberculosis are the commonest problems in our area, but visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is also one of the diseases presenting with fever in this part of the country. this study was conducted to evaluate its clinical spectrum and way of management.200516599036
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