evaluation of a glycerol-preserved antigen in the direct agglutination test for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis at rural level in eastern sudan.three-hundred and eight patients with suspected visceral leishmaniasis (vl) were received at doka hospital (eastern sudan) during the period september 2004 to october 2005. the sensitivity and specificity of a glycerol-preserved (gp) antigen for vl diagnosis was assessed against the results of repeated lymph node aspiration and readings from a direct agglutination test (dat) employing standard formaldehyde-fixed (ff) or freeze-dried (fd) antigen. despite 13 months of storage at ambient temperatu ...200617005782
visceral leishmaniasis in southern sudan.reports made by médecins sans frontières in khartoum on an outbreak of visceral leishmaniasis among displaced people from the western upper nile prompted an investigation at ler hospital, the second largest in the region. in a 10 d period during april 1989, 100 persons with visceral leishmaniasis were identified. of these, 82% were men; 67% were aged 20 to 39 years. except for the absence of ulcerated skin lesions, the clinical features corresponded to those traditionally described in the sudan. ...19912068759
identification of leishmania donovani as a cause of cutaneous leishmaniasis in sudan.eight patients with cutaneous ulcers were referred to the institute of endemic diseases, khartoum, sudan, from june 2000 to march 2002 for the diagnosis of suspected cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl). diagnosis was confirmed parasitologically by both positive giemsa-stained smears and successful culture of leishmania promastigotes in nnn medium. the eight parasite isolates were shown to belong to the leishmania donovani complex by kdna pcr. isoenzyme typing of three isolates revealed that they were i ...200818037149
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