plague surveillance in brazil: 1983-1992.plague caused by yersinia pestis, has persisted in brazil in several natural foci spread throughout rural areas in the states of ceara, paraiba, pernambuco, piaui, rio grande do norte, alagoas, bahia, minas gerais and rio de janeiro. nationwide surveillance of plague in brazil based on serological testing started in 1983. we now present an update report of the examinations carried out in our laboratory from 1983 to 1992. the passive hemagglutination test for antibodies against fraction 1a antige ...19958731264
[yersinia pestis infection in the state of bahia: effective control or epidemiological silence?]introduction: from an epidemiological point of view, the plague is still being considered of great importance, because of its high epidemic potential. despite the absence of cases of human plague in brazil, its etiologic agent, the bacteria yersinia pestis, is still deep rooted in its natural environment. the occurrence of positive serology for plague in domestic carnivores in plague areas in bahia in the past few years implies the need for a more rigorous evaluation in order to verify whether t ...201121468476
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