plague surveillance in brazil: 1983-1992.plague caused by yersinia pestis, has persisted in brazil in several natural foci spread throughout rural areas in the states of ceara, paraiba, pernambuco, piaui, rio grande do norte, alagoas, bahia, minas gerais and rio de janeiro. nationwide surveillance of plague in brazil based on serological testing started in 1983. we now present an update report of the examinations carried out in our laboratory from 1983 to 1992. the passive hemagglutination test for antibodies against fraction 1a antige ...19958731264
plasmid composition and virulence-associated factors of yersinia pestis isolates from a plague outbreak at the paraiba state, brazil.pathogenic yersinia pestis isolates were collected during a plague outbreak at the paraiba state in 1986. the y. pestis isolates were investigated for the presence of virulence-associated factors and plasmid content. all strains analysed were proficient in the expression of the vw and fraction 1 antigens, pigment adsorption and pesticin-fibrinolysin-coagulase production. a similar plasmid profile composed by four plasmid with molecular weight of 60, 44, 14.9, and 6.4 megadaltons (md) was found i ...19892629060
[bacteriologic and serologic studies of an outbreak of plague in the state of paraíba, brazil].during a plaque outbreak in the borborema plateau focus (paraiba), bacteriological and serological studies were carried out in material from 452 patients (48 positives), 1,938 rodents and other small mammals (75 positives), 4,756 dogs (141 positives) and 2,047 cats (57 positives) obtained from 41 counties (out of which, 21 produced positive samples). twenty yersinia pestis strains isolated from material from 3 patients and 17 rodents, displayed biochemical reactions, virulence factors, antibioti ...19892635752
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