[virulence of pasteurella pestis samples isolated in pernambuco (brasil)]. 19695788820
plague surveillance in brazil: 1983-1992.plague caused by yersinia pestis, has persisted in brazil in several natural foci spread throughout rural areas in the states of ceara, paraiba, pernambuco, piaui, rio grande do norte, alagoas, bahia, minas gerais and rio de janeiro. nationwide surveillance of plague in brazil based on serological testing started in 1983. we now present an update report of the examinations carried out in our laboratory from 1983 to 1992. the passive hemagglutination test for antibodies against fraction 1a antige ...19958731264
[the rodent. akodon arviculoides, wagner, 1842 (cricetidae)--importance in plague foci in brazil].the occurrence of the rodent akodon arviculoides wagner, 1842 in the plague focus of the "agreste" region of the state of pernambuco and a report on its ability for survival, reproduction and development in captivity, its susceptibility to yersinia pestis infection and the role of this rodent species in brazilian plague foci are reported.19863302594
plague in brazil during two years of bacteriological and serological north-east brazil, where plague infection is endemic, bacteriological and serological methods were employed during a two-year period to determine accurately the occurrence of human infection and to define certain epidemiological features of both human and rodent infection. there were 67 confirmed cases of plague, predominantly among males and children. most of these cases occurred in two inland rural plateaux of ceara state. clustering of cases in place and time was common, as was a history o ...19816976228
[susceptibility of rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus frugivorus from the city of recife to pasteurella pestis]. 19695376934
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