diagnosis of plaque: an analysis of the yersin-kitasato controversy. 197610879
alexandre yersin: pursuer of plague. 19892494200
hong kong, 1894: the role of james a lowson in the controversial discovery of the plague bacillus. 19979217728
kitasato, yersin, and the plague bacillus. 197554239
the history of the plague and the research on the causative agent yersinia pestis.the plague is an infectious bacterial disease having a high fatality rate without treatment. it has occurred in three huge pandemics since the 6th century with millions of deaths and numerous smaller epidemics and sporadic cases. referring to specific clinical symptoms of pulmonary plague the disease became known as the black death. this pandemic probably originated in central asia and began spreading westward along major trade routes. upon the arrival in the eastern mediterranean the disease qu ...200415031959
a scottish doctor's association with the discovery of the plague bacillus.plague killed at least a quarter of the population of europe in 1348. this was the first wave of the epidemic known as 'the black death' which continued for two years and then recurred sporadically till the late 17th century. in london in 1603, 22.6% of the population died from plague and in the outbreak known as the great plague of london in 1694 there were over 70,000 deaths out of a population of 460,000. many english villages were completely wiped out at this time. marseilles suffered severe ...19958693337
[alexandre yersin as he was. revelations of an unpublished correspondance covering 1884 to 1926]. 19734601826
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