serologic survey of the sentinel animals for plague surveillance and screening for complementary diagnostic markers to f1 antigen by protein microarray.plague is a deadly infectious disease caused by the gram-negative bacterium, yersinia pestis. in 2005, five plague patients were confirmed in the yulong county of the yunnan province, china. in this study, the serologic survey of > 2,900 serum samples from domestic dogs and cats in and around the county, where human plague occurred, confirmed that domestic dogs and cats could serve as sentinel animals for plague surveillance. meanwhile, the antibody responses in the infected dogs and cats were p ...200818981526
spatial variation of yersinia pestis from yunnan province of china.yunnan province of china is considered the site of origin for modern plague. we analyzed the genotypes of eight yersinia pestis strains isolated from three counties in yunnan province by pulse field gel electrophoresis (pfge). pfge showed that strains isolated from the same site were identical regardless of hosts or year of isolation. however, y. pestis strains isolated from geographically distinct loci were genetically divergent. whole genome sequences of two strains from two foci in yunnan sho ...200919815893
mlva distribution characteristics of yersinia pestis in china and the correlation analysis.yersinia pestis, the aetiological agent of plague, has been well defined genotypically on local and worldwide scales. in november 2005, five cases of severe pneumonia of unknown causes, resulting in two deaths, were reported in yulong, yunnan province. in this study, we compared y. pestis isolated from the yulong focus to strains from other areas.200919775435
[study on the epidemiological significance related to community-structural difference of the rat plague host and vectors in western yunnan, china].to study the epidemiological significance of community-structural difference regarding both small mammal and flea communities on rattus flavipectus in dehong and baoshan areas, yunnan province, during 1982 to 1996.200818843991
comparative genomic analysis of gene variations of two chinese yersinia pestis isolates from vaccine strain investigate genomic variations of two chinese yersinia pestis isolates that were isolated from different plague foci obtained from vaccine strain ev76 from the yunnan province of china.201223026524
genome rearrangements of completely sequenced strains of yersinia pestis.yersinia pestis has caused three worldwide plagues in human history that have led to innumerable deaths. we have completely sequenced the genomes of two strains (d106004 and d182038) of y. pestis isolated from yunnan province of china. the most striking finding of our study is that large amounts of genome rearrangement events exist between the genomes of two yunnan strains despite being isolated from two foci only 50 kilometers apart. when we compared the genome sequences of the yunnan strains w ...201020200297
[genotyping on yersinia pestis isolated from yunnan province by clustered-regularly-interspaced-short palindromic-repeats]. 201425394344
[genotyping and its epidemiological significance on yunnan yersinia pestis under fse i enzyme digestion method].to create the fingerprint library of yunnan yersinia pestis by pulse field gel electrophoresis(pfge)with fse i enzyme digestion method and to study its epidemiological significance.201424739561
[preliminary study on proteome of yersinia pestis isolated from yunnan, china]. 201122991715
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