surat plague of 1994 re-examined.a plague episode in surat in 1994, and its spread to other cities in india, lasted only a little over 2 weeks, but it created an unprecedented panic that had global repercussions. at first, the surat hospital doctors could not diagnose the disease, but when they did, immediate intervention, in the form of preventation and treatment (administration of antibodies) prevented the disease from spreading beyond surat, delhi, calcutta, bombay and their vicinities. fewer than 1,200 people were diagnosed ...200617121302
entomological and rodent surveillance in plague-suspected areas during september 1994 and thereafter.studies carried out in the states of maharashtra, gujarat, uttar pradesh and union territory of delhi after the bubonic plague outbreak during 1994 revealed the presence of seven species of rodents, viz. rattus rattus, r. norvegicus, mus. musculus, tatera indica, suncus murinus, bandicoota bengalensis and b. indica. the flea species encountered were xenopsylla cheopis and x. astia. the x. cheopis and x. astia index recorded in different areas of beed district of maharashtra; surat, vadodra and b ...19979556751
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