investigations on plague foci in mahasu district of himachal pradesh. 19724661463
quick control of bubonic plague outbreak in uttar kashi, india.a localized outbreak of bubonic plague occurred in village dangud (population 332), district uttar kashi, uttaranchal, india in the second week of october 2004. 8 cases were considered outbreak associated based on their clinical and epidemiological characteristics; 3 (27.3%) of them died within 48 hours of developing illness. all the 3 fatal cases and five surviving cases had enlargement of inguinal lymph nodes. none of them had pneumonia. the age of the cases ranged from 23-70 years and both se ...200416506545
prompt laboratory diagnosis in timely containment of a plague outbreak in india.a focal outbreak of pneumonic plague occurred in a hamlet of village hatkoti, district shimla, himachal pradesh in the first fortnight of february, 2002. a total of 16 cases with 4 deaths were reported. diagnosis of plague was confirmed by the laboratory in 10 (63%) cases. y. pestis was isolated from clinical samples of 3 cases and confirmed by bacteriophage lysis. molecular tests confirmed the presence of y. pestis specific pla and f1 genes in 4 cases; dna fingerprinting had identity with the k ...200617913207
genotyping of indian yersinia pestis strains by mlva and repetitive dna sequence based pcrs.india experienced two plague outbreaks in gujarat and maharastra during 1994 and then in the shimla district of himachal pradesh during 2002. yersinia pestis strains recovered from rodents and pneumonic patients during the 1994 outbreaks, pneumonic patients from the 2002 shimla outbreak and rodents trapped on the deccan plateau during a surveillance activity carried out in 1998 were characterized by mlva, eric-pcr and eric-box-pcr. mlva genotyping of indian y. pestis strains revealed strains of ...200919449123
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