trichinosis in bears of western and northcentral united bears (ursus americanus) from 10 states were examined for trichinella spiralis during the 1970-1975 period. trichinae were found in 14 (3.1%) of 454 bears examined. infected bears were found from california, seven (13.2%) of 54; idaho, one (2.3%) of 44; and wisconsin, six (3.8%) of 163. trichina counts per gram of tissue obtained by the artificial digestion-baermann method ranged from 1390 to 0.02. six california bears and one from wisconsin contained more than one trichina per gram, a lev ...1977560797
demographic characteristics and infectious diseases of a population of american black bears in humboldt county, california.american black bears (ursus americanus) are common, widely distributed, and broad-ranging omnivorous mammals in northern california forests. bears may be susceptible to pathogens infecting both domestic animals and humans. monitoring bear populations, particularly in changing ecosystems, is important to understanding ecological features that could affect bear population health and influence the likelihood that bears may cause adverse impacts on humans. in all, 321 bears were captured between may ...201525700042
first report of trichinella spiralis var. pseudospiralis in north america. 19836631644
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