the incidence of trichinella spiralis in humans of iowa. 19674959922
prevalence of trichinella spiralis in commerical pork sausage. 19704988673
outbreak of trichinella spiralis infections associated with a wild boar hunted at a game farm in iowa.rates of trichinellosis have declined significantly in the united states due to improved pork production practices and public awareness of the danger of eating raw or undercooked pork. in april 2011, the minnesota department of health received a report of presumptive trichinellosis in a 50-year-old man with a history of wild boar consumption. a public health investigation was initiated.201425214511
trichinella spiralis infection--united states, 1990.since 1947, when the public health service began to record statistics on trichinosis, the number of cases reported by state health departments each year has declined: in the late 1940s, health departments reported an average of 400 cases and 10-15 deaths each year; from 1982 through 1986, the number declined to an average of 57 per year (figure 1) and a total of three deaths (1,2). although this trend reflects a decline in the number of cases related to commercially purchased pork, recent outbre ...19911898978
a trichinosis outbreak among southeast asian refugees.the number of cases of trichinosis reported to centers for disease control has declined steadily, with an average of only 44 cases per year from 1984 through 1988. this decline was almost entirely due to a reduction in cases acquired from ingestion of fresh commercial pork. however, from july 21 through september 3, 1990, 90 (72%) of 125 southeast asian refugees from six states and canada developed trichinosis after attending or eating pork sausage taken from a wedding held in des moines, iowa, ...19921510086
decreasing prevalence of trichinella spiralis in dogs of iowa. 19705461088
on the occurrence of trichinella spiralis in pork sausage available in iowa (1953-60). 196113788560
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