trichinosis surveillance, united states, 1986.trichinella spiralis is a parasite of carnivorous animals that causes the disease trichinosis. in the united states, people become infected by eating poorly cooked pork products or wild animal meat that is infected with the parasite. although fewer than 100 cases per year are reported to cdc, trichinosis continues to persist as a public health problem in this country. public health officials believe that the reported cases represent only a fraction of the total number of cases, since many of the ...19883148105
increased prevalence of brucella suis and pseudorabies virus antibodies in adults of an isolated feral swine population in coastal south carolina.two hundred twenty seven adult (> 8 mo) feral swine (sus scrofa) trapped from april through july 1999 at three locations on a coastal south carolina (usa) peninsula with restricted ingress and egress were tested for brucella suis and pseudorabies virus (prv) antibodies. approximately 44% of the animals tested positive for b. suis antibodies and 61% tested positive for antibodies to prv. previous surveys (1976 and 1992) of feral swine at the same location with similar methods indicated lower sero ...200212238392
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