seroprevalence of seven zoonotic infections in nunavik, quebec (canada).in nunavik, common practices and food habits such as consumption of raw meat and untreated water place the inuit at risk for contracting zoonotic diseases. the aim of this study was to determine the seroprevalence of seven zoonotic infections among the permanent residents of nunavik. the study was conducted in the fall 2004 as part of the nunavik health survey. blood samples from adults aged 18-74ôçâyears (nôçâ=ôçâ917) were collected and analysed for the presence of antibodies against trichinell ...201121824376
status of trichinella spiralis in domestic swine and wild boar in canada.evidence of the status of trichinellosis in canada's national swine herd is provided from data acquired through national surveillance programs and from a prevalence study of trichinella in wild boar and domestic swine. more than 500,000 swine tested at abattoirs in ongoing animal health surveys since 1980 and 2 national swine serological surveys (1985 and 1990) showed no evidence of trichinella infection, except for 3 occurrences in a small infected zone in nova scotia. the prevalence study of d ...19979342448
trichinosis in the canadian arctic: report of five outbreaks and a new clinical syndrome.trichinosis is a serious but understudied medical problem in the arctic. forty-nine consecutive cases in the inuit population of northeastern canada are described. most developed the disease after eating raw walrus, and the clinical presentation of most of these cases differed from previously reported descriptions of classic trichinosis due to trichinella spiralis. unlike the classic syndrome of a brief period of diarrhea followed by fever, myalgia, muscle weakness, and edema, the most common pr ...19892760502
[unusual aspects of domestic trichinosis in regard to a familial infestation discovered in montreal].an outbreak of domestic trichinosis occurred in an italian family living in montreal. all patients had a fever, facial edema and extreme eosinophilia, and results of serologic tests were positive. larvae of trichinella spiralis were seen in a muscle biopsy from one of the patients. the discussion emphasizes some characteristic clinical, serologic and histopathological aspects.1976816445
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