swine trichinellosis in slaughterhouses of the metropolitan area of order to determine the prevalence of trichinella spiralis infections in abattoirs of the metropolitan area of toluca where pigs from commercial farms as well as backyard pigs are slaughtered, 539 swine diaphragm tissue samples were collected and examined by trichinoscopy and artificial digestion. serum samples from the same animals were analyzed by elisa using somatic and excretory/secretory antigens, and by western blot analysis. t. spiralis muscle larvae were not found by trichinoscopy or a ...200111484371
a follow-up study of the human class and subclass antibody response developed against the adult stage of trichinella spiralis.we report the analysis by elisa of class and subclass antibody response against a total soluble extract from t. spiralis adult stage (tse-a) during a year after the infection in 17 symptomatic trichinellosis patients (si) and five asymptomatic individual (ai) involved in an outbreak of trichinellosis occurred in the state of mexico. serum samples from 20 healthy individuals (hi) and 24 patients with other parasitosis were included as control. all si showed a polyisotypic antibody response agains ...200111484345
detection of trichinella spiralis muscle larvae in naturally infected horses.human trichinellosis outbreaks related to horsemeat consumption have been reported in france and italy in recent years. in order to determine if trichinella is present in horses slaughtered at an abattoir in the state of mexico, diaphragm muscle tissue samples (22-37 g) from 80 horses were examined by artificial digestion. four of these samples had larvae that were characterized as trichinella sp. by morphological criteria and as trichinella spiralis by the polymerase chain reaction.19957472874
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