autochthonous and imported trichinella isolates in germany.the study of trichinella isolates from wildlife in germany revealed the presence of trichinella spiralis and trichinella britovi in wild boars and foxes. t spiralis was detected in meat products imported from spain, which is one of the two endemic areas of domestic trichinellosis in the european union: it was also detected in meat from a grizzly bear marketed in alaska, and trichinella nativa was detected in a polar bear from the berlin zoo. these results stress the importance of examining for t ...200010622607
[the helminth fauna of wild boars of the west berlin forests].samples of muscles and internal organs obtained from 96 wild boars in the forests of west berlin between september 1989 and august 1990, were examined for helminths. nine nematode species, metastrongylus pudendotectus, m. salmi, m. confusus, m. apri, physocephalus sexalatus, ascarops strongylina, globocephalus urosubulatus, ascaris suum and trichuris suis belonging to five families could be found. larvae of toxocara spp. were isolated from most of the enzymatically digested samples of the gastro ...19938343108
[parasite fauna of red foxes in berlin (west)].the infestation with ecto- and endoparasites of red foxes in berlin (west) was investigated. as shown by post mortems of 100 animals (47 males and 53 females), none of them was found to be free of parasites. with regard to ectoparasites, 3 species of ixodes ticks, 7 flea species, one species of biting lice and mite species were demonstrated. the sarcoptic mange is often inducing the death of the foxes and is considered to be a limiting factor of the population increment. concerning endoparasites ...19911872791
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