sylvatic trichinellosis in southwestern spain.the epidemiology of trichinella spp. in their main sylvatic hosts, wild boar (sus scrofa ferus and red fox (vulpes vulpes), in extremadura (southwestern spain) was studied. we examined 88 trichinella spp.-positive wild boar muscle-tissue samples from a total of 29,333 killed animals, referred to the veterinary parasitology department (university of extremadura, spain) by the extremadura veterinary service. additionally, 227 red foxes killed during the hunting season and thus not subject to veter ...200010941739
mixed infection, trichinella spiralis and trichinella britovi, in a wild boar hunted in the province of cáceres (spain).the etiological agents of human trichinellosis are distributed worldwide in domestic and wild animals. in spain, two morphologically indistinguishable trichinella species have been described--trichinella spiralis and trichinella britovi--that are perpetuated in both domestic and sylvatic cycles. the present work reports a double natural infection involving these species in a wild boar killed by hunters in the province of cáceres, spain. after artificial digestion of the boar's muscles, nine larv ...200818466901
environmental and human influence on the ecology of trichinella spiralis and trichinella britovi in western europe.surveys on trichinella parasites in domestic and sylvatic animals collected in france, italy, and in the extremadura region of spain showed that the distribution of trichinella spiralis and trichinella britovi is influenced by both environmental and human behaviour factors. in france, both trichinella species are prevalent in the fox population from mountain areas and natural parks but are infrequent in wild boars (< 0.001%). in italy, only t. britovi is present in sylvatic animals (foxes, wolve ...19968939049
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