[an outbreak of trichinosis in huerta del marquesado (the cañete-cuenca basic health area). december 1992 to january 1993].a trichinellosis outbreak was investigated (december 1992-january 1993). it occurred in the village of huerta del marquesado among people who consumed sausages made with pork, meat. the aim of this study is to show the consequences of consuming meat without a sanitary control on human health.19947747072
a parasitological survey of wild red foxes (vulpes vulpes) from the province of guadalajara, epizootiological survey of leishmaniosis, coccidiosis and parasitic helminths in 67 foxes (vulpes vulpes) was conducted in guadalajara (central spain). examination for parasitic protozoa revealed prevalences of 74% leishmania (determined by molecular methods) and 2.9% coccidia oocysts (fecal flotation). survey of parasitic helminths (fecal flotation/necropsy) demonstrated the presence of nine species, including six nematodes, two cestodes and one trematode. nematodes were the most common para ...200010996735
trichinellosis survey in the wild boar from the toledo mountains in south-western spain (2007-2008): molecular characterization of trichinella isolates by spain, trichinellosis represents a public health problem, with an average of five outbreaks per year, wild boar meat being the main source of infection. a trichinellosis survey (2007-2008 hunting campaign) was carried out on wild boars in the toledo mountains (south-western spain, eu) in the context of a surveillance programme on wildlife diseases. a total of 2216 wild boars from different locations of the region were examined. the examination was carried out by veterinarians in the local aba ...200919389268
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