trichinellosis in china: epidemiology and control.the first outbreak of human trichinellosis in china, according to official national publication, was registered in tibet in 1964. since then, more than 500 outbreaks, numbering 25161 cases with 240 deaths, have been recorded. however, this reported quantity is probably highly underestimated because adequate diagnostic techniques might not have been available in the whole area. moreover, infection in animals is widespread over china, with the prevalence of pig trichinellosis being as high as 4% i ...200212482541
the epidemiology of human trichinellosis in china during 2000-2003.the endemic foci of trichinellosis continue to be mainly located in the southwestern, the central and northeastern china. the seroepidemiological surveys of t. spiralis infection in humans were carried out in six provinces or municipals (p/m) of china during 2000-2003, the overall seroprevalence was 3.57%. from 2000 to 2003, 17 outbreaks of human trichinellosis, with 828 cases and 11 deaths, were recorded in 8 p/a of china. all of 11 deaths occurred in the southwestern china (1 case in sichuan, ...200616414006
the epidemiology of human trichinellosis in china during 2004-2009.the endemic foci of human trichinellosis are mainly located in southwestern china. seroepidemiological surveys of trichinella spiralis infection in humans were carried out in 10 out of 34 provinces/autonomous regions/municipals (p/a/m) of china during 2004-2009. the overall seroprevalence was 3.19% (3198/100,282). the highest seroprevalences were mainly located in western china: 8.43% in yunnan, 6.37% in inner mongolia and 5.35% in sichuan. the seroprevalence of trichinella infection in humans w ...201121324302
molecular identification of a trichinella isolate from a naturally infected pig in tibet, china.the first human case with trichinellosis was reported in 1964 in tibet, china. however, up to the present, the etiological agent of trichinellosis has been unclear. the aim of this study was to identify a tibet trichinella isolate at a species level by pcr-based methods. multiplex pcr revealed amplicon of the expected size (173 bp) for trichinella spiralis in assays containing larval dna from tibet trichinella isolate from a naturally infected pig. the tibet trichinella isolate was also identifi ...201122355205
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