evidence of trichinella spiralis in timis county, romania: a report of a winter trichinellosis outbreak in 2008 due to consumption of contaminated pork.a trichinellosis outbreak occurred in early 2008 in two villages in timis county, romania, due to consumption of pork from an infected animal. the infective species, detected by multiplex polymerase chain reaction, was trichinella spiralis (isolate code iss 1951). this report presents an extensive characterization of the outbreak using the documents of the epidemiological investigation and the medical charts of the hospitalized patients. fifteen people consumed pork from the same backyard pig, w ...201020370432
trichinella spp. infection in horses of romania: serological and parasitological survey.herbivorous animals are usually, by virtue of their diet, outside the major transmission cycles of trichinella spp. however, since 1975, the year of the first report of human trichinellosis caused by the consumption of infected horse meat, the domestic horse has appeared as a novel vector of trichinella spp. infection to humans, with 15 outbreaks documented in france and italy. romania, one of the main countries exporting horses into the european union (eu), experienced a dramatic increase of tr ...200919062194
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