geographical variation in cloacal microflora and bacterial antibiotic resistance in a threatened avian scavenger in relation to diet and livestock farming practices.the impact on wildlife health of the increase in the use of antimicrobial agents with the intensification of livestock production remains unknown. the composition, richness and prevalence of cloacal microflora as well as bacterial resistance to antibiotics in nestlings and full-grown egyptian vultures neophron percnopterus were assessed in four areas of spain in which the degree of farming intensification differs. differences in diet composition, especially the role of stabled livestock carrion, ...200717564607
antimicrobial studies on three species of hypericum from the canary islands.the antimicrobial activity of several extracts and fractions of the aerial parts of hypericum canariense, hypericum glandulosum and hypericum grandifolium was investigated using the disc diffusion and broth microdilution methods against twelve reference microorganisms (eight bacterial and four fungal strains). the methanol extract and chloroform fraction of h. canariense, as well as the methanol extracts, butanol and chloroform fractions of both h. glandulosum and h. grandifolium exhibited a goo ...200212065165
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