bacteriology of non-surgical wound infections in ibadan, nigeria.previous studies done on wound infections in this environment had been mostly on the surgical variety rather than the non-surgical. however,few studies available on the non-surgical type have indicated that changes do occur in the pattern and antibiogram of the bacterial isolates of these non-surgical wound infections. this study was therefore designed to investigate the bacteriology of non-surgical wound infections in this environment. a retrospective review of seven hundred and fifty four case ...200818982819
enterotoxigenicity and drug sensitivity of staphylococci from children aged five years and below with sporadic investigate the incidence of enterotoxigenic strains of staphylococci in children aged five years and below suffering from sporadic diarrhoea and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern.200315018424
acute bronchiolitis in tropical africa: a hospital-based perspective in ibadan, a 30-month prospective study of severe acute lower respiratory infections in hospitalized pre-school nigerian children, acute bronchiolitis was diagnosed in 67 cases; 19 (28.4%) and 2 (3.0%) of these had concomitant pneumonia or croup, respectively. the peak prevalence was in the wet (rainy) season (may-october). the male/female (m:f) ratio in infants < or = 6 months was 2.9:1, differing significantly from the 1.1:1 in older subjects (p = 0.04). none of the subjects had severe malnutrition. n ...19968905884
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