microbial burden of some herbal antimalarials marketed at elele, rivers state.herbal antimalarials still remain an alternative to our traditional communities who can not afford orthodox antimalarials. this study was aimed at investigating the microbial quality of six herbal antimalarials using standard microbiological methods. of the six preparations analyzed, "schnapps", palm wine and water were the media of preparation; the water base preparations recorded higher microbial load. the mean microbial load was 159.5 × 10(5) cfu/ml and 217.4 × 10(2)cfu/ml in water and alcoho ...200921304626
asymptomatic bacteriuria in the port harcourt metropolis of nigeria.the port harcourt metropolis of nigeria was screened to establish the prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria (abu) over a 3 year period. an occurrence rate of 15% was detected. the females presented a higher incidence rate (9%) than the males (6%). previous history of urinary tract infection (uti) was seen to be contributory to abu; so also was sexual activity. of the isolates obtained, escherichia coli was found to be predominant (45%). an isolation rate of 3.7% was realised for staphylococcus ...19873553867
bacteriology of chronic discharging ears in port harcourt, nigeria.the objective of the study was to isolate and identify aerobic bacteria in chronic discharging ears and determine their antibiotic susceptibilities, which is essential for reasonable empiric treatment.200617191422
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