chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of mentha mozaffarianii jamzad growing wild and cultivated in iran.the aerial parts of wild and cultivated mentha mozaffarianii jamzad were collected at full flowering stage from two provinces (hormozgan and fars) of iran. the essential oils were extracted by a clevenger approach and analysed using gc and gc-ms. the main components in wild plants were piperitenone (33.85%), piperitone (21.18%), linalool (6.89%), pulegone (5.93%), 1, 8.cineole (5.49%), piperitenone oxide (5.17%) and menthone (4.69%) and in cultivated plants, cis-piperitone epoxide (28.89%), lina ...201728658991
blood culture contamination in a neonatal intensive care unit in shiraz, southwest-central measure bacterial contamination rates in blood culture specimens and distinguish sepsis from blood culture contamination in newborn hospitalized patients in a neonatal intensive care unit and to recognize the most commonly isolated bacteria.201121252567
the prevalence of multidose vial contamination by aerobic bacteria in a major teaching hospital, shiraz, iran, 2006.parenteral medications are usually given out in multidose vials (mdvs) and can be used for a prolonged period for 1 or more patients. the risk of extrinsic contamination of mdvs and its consequences may be serious and may lead to an outbreak, especially in hospitals. therefore, bacterial contamination of multiple-dose medication vials in namazi hospital, the major referral teaching hospital, in shiraz, southwestern iran, was evaluated.200919362388
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